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This 5th year of the Artisan's Christmas Sale was held at the home of Gloria Willis on Saturday, December 3rd. Here are some images from that very enjoyable day which included again "Cookie's Cookies” to benefit the Camilla Mead Arts Education Fund. The winning ticket for the 50/50 raffle was drawn. Joanne Wursthorn of Westfield, VT.was the winner, having bought her ticket at the Village Arts and Crafts Show in October! A happy surprise for her!

The Wooden Horse Arts Guild held their 13th Annual Meeting at the Eastside Restaurant on June 4th, 2016. It was a wonderful, sunny day and members enjoyed a beautiful luncheon on the deck. The Annual Meeting and program were held inside in the large dining room where samples of the work of members, past years and present were displayed.

Following the BUSINESS meeting, which included Nomination and Election of officers with Camilla Mead remaining as President, Peggy Loux as Vice President/Administrative Assistant, Donna Dopp as Secretary and Diane Rowlee, as Treasurer, we moved to the Scholarship report with a few words of appreciation from Tanya Sousa. Quote: ‘I love the WHAG accepting different age groups that gives someone my age an opportunity to extend my writing experience.’

It was a treat to have Tim Daley as our guest to talk about and show some of the Photo Fun Challenge 2016 images. Tim is looking forward to great things for the young photographers from around Vermont. The Photo Fun program has been giving this opportunity for 5 years and it is STILL FUN!

Peggy Loux looks forward to the 2016 events, of which the WHAG has many!


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