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Artist Biography:
Bonnie Nash
My adventure creating art from fiber first began when we sheared alpacas that we raised on our farm in the Northeast kingdom of Vermont. It was impossible to resist handling their soft, luxurious fleeces. As I began the journey of creating art with alpaca fiber my visionary spirit directed me to work with all types of fibers including silk, soy and other natural plant and animal fibers. To execute one-of-a-kind artwork I integrate these various fibers using wet, dry, and needle felting techniques working the designs on alpaca felt blanks. Needle felting is done by using barbed needles to poke fiber into a piece of felt using a straight up and down motion until the desired effect is achieved. The felt blanks are created by felting processed alpaca fiber on a commercial felting machine to generate 3’X4’ felt blanks that I use as my ‘canvas’.

In addition to creating art from fiber I make felted characters and miniature wall art decor. Characters and miniatures are fun, three demential pieces created by using needle and relief felting techniques adding variety to the many methods of working with fiber.

My work can be seen at the MAC CENTER FOR THE ARTS on Main Street in Newport, VT.
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Sample Artwork (Click thumbnails to view larger images):
'Ya Mon
"Ya Mon" - 18" X 24" Needle felt - $200.00

Bessie Mae
Bessie Mae - SOLD

Iris (1)
"Iris" - 28" X 13" Needle felt - $300.00

"Meow" - 18" X 20" Needle felt - $150.00

Moonlight & Roses-14x27-$425.00
Moonlight & Roses-14x27-$425.00

Phoenix and Dragon
"Phoenix and Dragon" - 30" X 40" Needle felt - $450.00

Puss in Boots
Puss in Boots - 20x24 - $375.00 SOLD

Saturday Promenade
"Saturday Promenade" - $375.00 SOLD

The Mane Affair-16x20
The Mane Affair - 16x20 - $400.00

The Spinner
"The Spinner" - SOLD

Wedding Folk Dance
Wedding Folk Dance - 16x24 - $350.00

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