John W. Stevens
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John W. Stevens
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John W. Stevens is a widely published author.  His conservative views are a result of his life experiences. John served his country in the United States Air Force and in civilian life as an advisor to the President’s Office of Science and Technology, and for 15 years as
Chairman of the Tri-County Selective Service Board. 

At the state level he served Vermont as a member of the Governor’s Blue Ribbon Commission on Energy, as Director of the Conservation Society of Southern Vermont, as a member of the Board of the Vermont Natural Resources Council and as a political advisor and speech writer.
John founded the Vermont Guide Service which trained, tested and certified people as guides for outdoor recreation.

On the community level, John served as a member and Chairman of the Board of Selectmen and as Chairman of two Planning Commissions.

John resides in Vermont and Montana with his wife of 50 years, Karen. He is an instrument-rated pilot, a Coast Guard Captain, a certified general real estate appraiser, a real estate broker and a developer.

John’s books are available online in hardcover, paperback and as e-books at Xlibris, Barnes and Noble and Amazon.  Locally they’re available at Wooden Horse Arts Guild events, MAC Center for the Arts and Woodknot Book Shop.
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"Memorable Fish and Fishermen"

Available from:, Barnes and Noble

"Woodshed Wisdom"
Woodshed Wisdom
Woodshed Wisdom
and More Woodshed Wisdom reflect my conservative thoughts and attitudes on a wide variety of subjects.  The essays were written over a period of about twenty years and most were published in newspapers or magazines.  My writing is not disciplined or ordered in any way. When the spirit moves me and I have the time - I write. These tales reflect whatever was topical in my mind at the time. My writings are only about topics familiar to me. My research was living with the subject and experiencing it without reliance on others to formulate ideas or opinions.

"More Woodshed Wisdom"

More Woodshed Wisdom

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