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Timothy Barry
Mary Alice Brenner
Melissa Dopp
Ruth Genco
P.J. Hammond
Georgia Higley
Patricia Lipinski
Francis L. Varkala
Nicole Warner
Leona White
Frederick Wilson

Two Sisters in One Basket

Woodcraft Artists
Michael Fitzgerald
Dick Johnson
Richard Long
Jim Maas
Bonnie Ricker
Jake Swanson
Bonnie Wersebe

Robert Boskind
Casey Boyle-Eldridge
Francis L. Varkala

Ruth Genco
Chris Nicotera

Mixed Media Artists
Pat Sanders
Josy Shurtleff

Fiber Artists
Theresa Lagoy

Leather Carvers
Jim Hutchins

Carved Antlers
Harold Rowlee

Mentoring Program
Victoria Blais

Cheryl Grundon

Quilting & Sewing
Carleen Cote
Bobbie Johnson
Beth Burgess
Gloria Willis

Doll Artists
Camilla Mead
Melinda Wood

Jewelry Designers
Sharon Diner
Steffi Heuss

Poets & Writers
Ruth Genco
Elaine Magalis

Stained Glass
Karen Scheffler

Gloria Willis

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