Paint by Number!

In 2013 the Wooden Horse Arts Guild launched a trial competition for the 1950’s PAINT by NUMBER, initiated by Dan Robbins, who discovered a way for ordinary folks with art in their hearts to become artists. Many of us did not become artists, but have fond memories of hours “painting” some of the Masters. We had hoped that people across the country would enter, however that did not happen. We did have 5 great entries – pictured here. Perhaps our interest in bringing back this “beginning of the art world” for many people will happen again. One person shared this:

“Truth be told, I took on more than I could handle! Soooo many tiny numbers. The work that I did complete I enjoyed. I missed the fluidity of painting strokes and mixing. I learned a ton, though and will look at painting differently from now on.” (She chose a most difficult piece – Van Gogh’s “Sunflowers” )

Critiques and Judging were done by Pat Sanders, Visual Arts Instructor at North Country Union High School.

If the WHAG offers another Paint by Number Contest, we hope that YOU will find enjoyment in accomplishing this difficult art.

First place: “Wolf in Hiding” - Josy Shurtleff

Second place: “Horses by a Stream” – Leona White

Third place: “The Last Supper” –Jackie LaPierre


“Adirondack Evening” – Josy Shurtleff

“A Time Well Spent” – Camilla Mead

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