2016-17 Photo Fun Contest
"We hope that everyone receives great enjoyment from these photos of the young Vermont photographers of 2016-17.
We are grateful for the patience of our webmaster with his creativity, and the support of the Wooden Horse Arts Guild.
We are most grateful to the families of these wonderful children.
The support the young people have from Moms & Dads are certainly visible in the photos you will see.
So, Thank you for letting us enjoy a little part of your children’s lives."
- Camilla Mead and Robin Mead Leavitt

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For All Good Years - Misha Chirkova - Newbury - 2nd grade

List of Young Photographer participants (all are home=schooled except as noted):
Emma Boisvert | 5th | Milton
Aya Goldstein | 5th | Hartland
Linden Stelma-Leonard | 5th | Westfield
Mallory Bourdeau | 5th | Hyde Park
Brooke Dobrowoski | 5th | Jeffersonville
Suki Allen | 5th | Windsor
Ambiana Glavin | 5th | Worcester
Gennett Kerstett | 6th | Ira
Uma Chirkova | 6TH | Newbury
Max Merchant | 6th | Piermont
Schuyler Edgar Holmes | 7th | Charlotte
Sophie Decker | 8th | Grand Isle
Brigid Armbrust | 8th | White River Junction
Abigail Dixon-Boles | 8th | Montgomery Center
Mei Dwyer-Frattalone | 8th | Barre
Abigail Young (Abby) | 8th | Barre
Wren Harper | 8th | Burlington
Ashleigh Schell | 9th | Grand Isle
Sarah Neff | 9th | Waitsfield-Public H.S.
Grace Derkson | 9th | Norwich-Hanover H.S.
Joseph Grant | 10th | Wheelock
Sophis McFaul | 10th | Barnet
Sophia Cannizzaro | 10th | Glover
Olivia Fournier | 10th | Ferrisburgh
Mischa Chirkova | 2nd | Newbury (trial-young photographer)