Camilla Mead Arts Education Scholarship Fund

The Wooden Horse Arts Guild is proud to announce the winner of the Spring 2014 round of the Camilla Mead Arts Education Scholarship Fund: Nicole Guest– 17 - of Lyndonville, VT.

The applicant, Nicole Guest, is a student at United Christian Academy in Newport, VT and an art student at Atelier Studio with Alyssa DelaBruere, artist/teacher. The Scholarship award will help to provide the opportunity to attend an intensive 3-week studio art program at Les Tapies, sponsored by the American School in Switzerland during this coming summer to gain knowledge in the field of visual arts. “My major will be in the drawing and painting program, but I look forward to utilizing a number of new media such as printmaking techniques and photography throughout my time there.” Nicole will attend Maine College of Art in the Fall of 2014.
Art teacher’s reference: “Nicole is the type of student that an art educator is blessed with once in their career. A fervent learner, she is a person who is always striving to improve and grow, stretching herself beyond her comfort zone and exploring a medium, art period, or technique to it’s fullest. She is a gifted artist with a wonderful combination of natural talent and enthusiasm.”
United Christian Academy reference: “........As a leader, Nicole excels. She has a strong social conscience and has done a great deal while a student in our school to raise awareness for causes that would benefit others in our community..........”

The Wooden Horse Arts Guild is proud to announce the winner of the Fall/Winter 2013 round of the Camilla Mead Arts Education Scholarship Fund: Jacob Morton-Black – 18- of Colchester, VT.

The applicant, Jacob Morton-Black is a student of Ithaca College, his major, Composition Music. The Scholarship award will provide the opportunity to take private organ lessons to learn all aspects of playing, composing and performing on the organ. More about Jacob here

How the Scholarship Program began

In January, 2008, the Guild received their 501c3 designation and the Education Scholarship Fund was formed. In 2009, the Wooden Horse Arts Guild Board of Directors renamed the Scholarship Fund as the Camilla Mead Arts Education Scholarship Fund. Camilla is a founding member of the Guild, which was formed in 2002. She was President from 2006 thru 2009 during which time many artists of the area were given the opportunity to emerge and be recognized through the activities in the Community and the Arts and Crafts Shows given four times a year. (see the archives on this website) With Camilla’s experience in music and the arts, working with youth and adults throughout her life and her desire that more young people should have opportunities of growth in the arts, the Arts Education Scholarship Fund was formed. With the proceeds from profitable raffles, the Guild launched its Camilla Mead Arts Education Scholarship Fund, awarding 3 scholarships during 2010 (see this page). In 2011 three scholarships were also awarded -- these to talented young artists -- two in dance and one in stained glass and sculpture. (see this page). In January, 2013, a scholarship was awarded to a designer educator (see this page).

The Guild would appreciate and welcome donations to help continue this important work and expand scholarship monies for Vermonters interested in continuing their artistic development. Click on Donations.

Are you an artist, craftsman, photographer, writer or musician in need of help to pursue your work? The Wooden Horse Arts Guild provides scholarships to Vermont residents (ages 14 and over) to encourage and recognize artistic excellence in the literary, visual and performing arts. We accept applications from individuals only. Activities supported by the fund include, but are not limited to, workshops, private or group classes, performance, instrument rental or purchase and acquisition of art supplies.

Deadlines, Applications and Report

The number of and amount of awards are determined annually by the Scholarship Committee. Spring Scholarship round of up to $500.00 will be accepted beginning April 1st, 2015. The round will be closed to applicants on May 1, 2015. The Scholarship Committee will determine awards and submit recommendations to the Board for approval by the 15th of month following the deadline.

Awards are paid directly to the activity, provider or scholarship recipient upon presentation of appropriate documentation. Recipients are required to provide a written report to the Scholarship Committee within 30 days of using the award. An award report is included following the application.

Download An Application

The scholarship application can be downloaded here.

The scholarship information sheet can be downloaded here.

Scholarship awardees can download the report form here.

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