Are you an artist, craftsman, photographer, writer or musician in need of help to pursue your work? The Wooden Horse Arts Guild provides scholarships to Vermont residents (ages 16 and over) to encourage and recognize artistic excellence in the literary, visual and performing arts. We accept applications from individuals only. Activities supported by the fund include, but are not limited to, workshops, private or group classes, performance, instrument rental or purchase and acquisition of art supplies.

Deadlines, Applications and Report

The Wooden Horse Arts Guild Arts Education Committee announced the Fall Scholarship Round for the Camilla Mead Arts Education Scholarship Fund. Applications for the Fall round of up to $500.00 are now being accepted. The round deadline is November 15, 2018.

Awards are paid directly to the activity, provider or scholarship recipient upon presentation of appropriate documentation. Recipients are required to provide a written report to the Scholarship Committee within 30 days of using the award. An award report is included following the application.

Download An Application

The scholarship application can be downloaded here.

The scholarship information sheet can be downloaded here.

Scholarship awardees can download the report form here.

The committee reviews applications and makes award decisions two times per year (May and November).

The Guild appreciates and welcomes donations to help continue this important work and expand scholarship monies for Vermonters from ages 16 through adults interested in continuing their artistic development.
Donations to the fund are fully deductible under section 170 of the 501c3 code. To donate, mail to WHAG Scholarships, P.O. Box 502 North Troy, VT, 05859 or click on Donations.

Camilla Mead Arts Education Scholarship Fund

The Wooden Horse Arts Guild is proud to announce the winner of the Spring 2018 Scholarship Round. Lettie Hale, 17, of Newport Center, VT. is a talented young artist who enjoys Watercolor and portraiture. She has studied art throughout her high school years and hopes one day to continue with this interest. She has received three outstanding art awards, and is an active member of Skills, USA. In her recent Community Service dedication, she helped to organize a clothing swap and drop at the Elks Lodge, donated her time to teach CPR to Freshman Health Classes, even worked to organize a St. Patrick’s Day “Prom” for residents of Michaud Manor!

These words from two teachers: “Lettie’s heart is made of Gold and she will do selfless things with the little she has in order to help others.”

“Lettie is such a deserving candidate for this scholarship program and will represent your organization with honor and pride.”

Even though Lettie loves the arts and hopes to continue when she can, Lettie has had a desire throughout her young life to pursue a career in the medical field. From the recommendation letters received and our interviews with Lettie, we have become acquainted with a resilient and hard worker in anything she can do to help others. This is refreshing in this day of “Me”.

Lettie has chosen Diagnostic Imaging with a focus on Echo cardiography ... Medical Sonography! She will be attending Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences. We wish Lettie the very best in her health studies and career. And, a little time for the arts.

The Wooden Horse Arts Guild is proud to announce two winners of the Spring 2016 Scholarship Round. Sophia Cannizzaro, 16, of West Glover, and Cassie Tarbox, 18, of Newport.

Sophia Cannizzaro was able to attend the Governor’s Institute with the award she received. The Committee was impressed with the amount and quality of the activities in which Sophie is active. Her ‘life goals’ are particularly special and helped the committee in their choice. Sophia is a young woman, active in so many different activities: She is a part of and has performed with the Bread and Puppet Theater Company, and many different venues, including Flynn Center for the Performing Arts, Boston Center for the Arts, Oberlin College, and as part of the Public Affairs Conference-Springfield, MO. She has performed at Festivals including the Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics in Montreal and the list of her performance and dedication to all goes on and on.

Sophia has served as Member and Principle and Asst. Principle (1st violin & 2nd violin) with the Vermont Youth Orchestra from 2012-2015. In 2013, she participated in a side-by-side rehearsal with members of the Perlman Music Program under the baton of Itzhak Perlman.

This very talented young woman is also an active writer, has been published in various newspapers, the Young Writer’s Project Anthology, Writer of the month in THE VOICE (2015 )and WON (wrote over 50,000 words in a month) National Novel Writing Month four times (2012-2015. There is so much more....she is also an artist and photographer and Printing Apprentice in the Bread and Puppet print shop, printing Peter Schumann’s block prints for sale in the museum and on tour.

Katherine Nook, of the Bread and Puppet Theatre, writes about Sophia: “Sophia is wise beyond her years. She is always questioning. In her pursuit of artistic growth and expression, she is fearless.”

Sophia – in her desire to attend the Governor’s Institute – “I believe I will be able to encourage and appreciate the other students who attend the institute. I expect to discover new interests, and gain more skills in my existing areas of interest. AND, I expect to enjoy myself, which will inspire me to create more art!”

Cassie Tarbox has been deeply involved with the Vermont Family Theatre for several years. She has worked as a performer, camp apprentice, choreographer and staff member. The Vermont Family Theatre is based in Irasburg, Vermont and travels during the summer with a group of teens that volunteer their time and talent to work with children in theater workshop camps at locations throughout the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont. Cassie works with children and adults by sharing her love of dance, is able to teach children at a level they understand, so to learn and accomplish for their performances.

Cassie was first seen by us with the North Country School of Dance. She has now been with the studio more than 14 years. She takes dance very seriously and has learned all styles of dance. Cassie has also won numerous awards at regional and naional dance conventions in Las Vegas and NYC. She serves on the staff of North Country School of Dance, under the tutelage of Diane Colburn and provides students with dance instruction.

“The Pulse” Workshop in Boston was a wonderful experience for Cassie.....a great education in dance!

The Wooden Horse Arts Guild is proud to announce the winner of the Spring 2015 round of the Camilla Mead Arts Education Scholarship Fund: Tanya Sousa of Orleans, VT.

The applicant, Tanya Sousa, was raised and schooled in the ‘Northeast Kingdom’ of Vermont. She grew up spending much of her free time writing, or outside in the fields, forests and learning about and loving animals. As a young adult, she earned her living working with children, community development and as a journalist for local papers. By the time she was in her late 20’s, her writing and career began to blend and soon she integrated her art and her social concerns into writing as a profession. She is the author of several charming children’s picture books, including the award-winning “Life is a Bowl of Cherry Pits” and “Ninny Nu’s Organic Farm”. Most recently, Tanya has given us a wonderful Novel of Environmental Fiction – “The Starling God” which was placed on the short-list for the national “Green Earth Book Awards”. Howard Frank Mosher writes about Tanya: “She has a clear and lively voice, a strong vision of how to preserve the environment for future generations, and an almost uncanny empathy for both her human characters and for all members of the animal kingdom.”
This Scholarship award will give Tanya another level of achievement and networking opportunity at the Northern Woodlands Writers Conference in October, 2015.

The Wooden Horse Arts Guild is proud to announce the winner of the Spring 2014 round of the Camilla Mead Arts Education Scholarship Fund: Nicole Guest– 17 - of Lyndonville, VT.

The applicant, Nicole Guest, is a student at United Christian Academy in Newport, VT and an art student at Atelier Studio with Alyssa DelaBruere, artist/teacher. The Scholarship award will help to provide the opportunity to attend an intensive 3-week studio art program at Les Tapies, sponsored by the American School in Switzerland during this coming summer to gain knowledge in the field of visual arts. “My major will be in the drawing and painting program, but I look forward to utilizing a number of new media such as printmaking techniques and photography throughout my time there.” Nicole will attend Maine College of Art in the Fall of 2014.
Art teacher’s reference: “Nicole is the type of student that an art educator is blessed with once in their career. A fervent learner, she is a person who is always striving to improve and grow, stretching herself beyond her comfort zone and exploring a medium, art period, or technique to it’s fullest. She is a gifted artist with a wonderful combination of natural talent and enthusiasm.”
United Christian Academy reference: “........As a leader, Nicole excels. She has a strong social conscience and has done a great deal while a student in our school to raise awareness for causes that would benefit others in our community..........”

The Wooden Horse Arts Guild is proud to announce the winner of the Fall/Winter 2013 round of the Camilla Mead Arts Education Scholarship Fund: Jacob Morton-Black – 18- of Colchester, VT.

The applicant, Jacob Morton-Black is a student of Ithaca College, his major, Composition Music. The Scholarship award will provide the opportunity to take private organ lessons to learn all aspects of playing, composing and performing on the organ. More about Jacob here

How the Scholarship Program began

In January, 2008, the Guild received their 501c3 designation and the Education Scholarship Fund was formed. In 2009, the Wooden Horse Arts Guild Board of Directors renamed the Scholarship Fund as the Camilla Mead Arts Education Scholarship Fund. Camilla is a founding member of the Guild, which was formed in 2002. She was President from 2006 thru 2009 during which time many artists of the area were given the opportunity to emerge and be recognized through the activities in the Community and the Arts and Crafts Shows given four times a year. (see the archives on this website) With Camilla’s experience in music and the arts, working with youth and adults throughout her life and her desire that more young people should have opportunities of growth in the arts, the Arts Education Scholarship Fund was formed. With the proceeds from profitable raffles, the Guild launched its Camilla Mead Arts Education Scholarship Fund, awarding 3 scholarships during 2010 (see this page). In 2011 three scholarships were also awarded -- these to talented young artists -- two in dance and one in stained glass and sculpture. (see this page). In January, 2013, a scholarship was awarded to a designer educator (see this page).

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